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CS100 UV Sanitizer

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CS 100 is tested and certified as a very effective Corona Sanitizer by DRDO, Govt. of India. It is recommended by medical professionals for elimination of virus particles on every day today house hold objects.

CS 100 is a UV C rays based corona sanitizer. UV rays are proven to be very effective in killing all corona viruses.

It can be used for sanitizing everyday objects that come in to your house from outside. Like Vegetables, Milk, Fruits, Fish, Meat, Groceries, Delivery Packages, Currency notes, Coins, TV Remote, Newspaper, Spectacles, Pen, Key Chains etc. which could possibly be carrying the virus.

Just place the objects in the sanitizer and switch on the UV rays. All the objects will be sanitized in a few minutes and the UV will automatically get switched off. Just take out the objects and use them as usual.

It is tested and certified to be an effective sanitizer for corona virus by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO, Ministry of Defence) Govt. of India.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 32 cm

26 liters

UV Lamps

11 watts Germicidal UVC Lamps

No of Lamps

2 Nos. ( Top and Bottom )

Reflective Coatings

On the Sides

Sanitization Time

1 Minute – Fast Mode
5 Minutes – Deep Mode

Glass Window

UV Protected Glass window


Decrementing Digital Timer during Sanitization
Beeps sound after completion of Sanitization


Powder coated, Rust proof, MS Casing


220 V AC, 50-60 Hz


UV rays start only if the box door is closed.
Automatic cut-off the UV light when the box door is opened during operation.
Magnetic door lock with rubber gasket sealing the chamber completely.
Automatic Shutdown, if the sanitizer is not used for more than 30 minutes (Sleep Mode)


DRDO, Govt of India

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    Five Star

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  3. Dr R K Gupta

    Appears good

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